In Need of Site Reps

We are still in need of site reps. Visit Contact page to see which site reps we need

Here are the results of our recent vote:

​Helen Rainford is the Vice President
Alison Bell is the Treasurer
Letisia Romero was voted in QVE Site Rep.

Here is a copy of our new bylaws as well: (PDF Download)

Vote Results

Menifee Council of Classified Employees

Local 6109 AFL-CIO

New School Year Calendar

Please see the calendar at the following link: (PDF)

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Current Officers

President:  Robin Espinda
Vice President:  Helen Rainford
Secretary:  Priscilla Spurgeon
Treasurer:  Alison Bell
QVE Site Rep: Letisia Romero
BMMS Site Rep: Lynda Schmidt
MVMS Site Rep: Theresa Grant
Food Services Rep:  Judy Ballier


Negotiations have completed. Click here to see the tentative agreement.

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